Critic’s List: Stan Hieronymus’s Best in 2019

Top Three Breweries Russian River (Santa Rosa, California) When we were in Oslo last year, we came across a brewery/bar that takes orders for bootlegged Russian River beers. Listening to the story, Vinnie Cilurzo said, “At least it means we are still relevant somewhere.” Indeed. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, but across the family […]

Critic’s List: Kate Bernot’s Best in 2019

Top Three Breweries Reuben’s Brews (Seattle, Washington) Have I ever had a bad beer from Reuben’s Brews? No. No, I haven’t. This prolific Seattle brewery seems to brew every style under the sun, without making a misstep or losing its point of view. It’s the rare brewery that can brew with such mastery across diverse […]

Critic’s List: Joe Stange’s Best in 2019

Top Three Breweries I’ll limit this to three visited (or re-visited) in the past year, but those are not too shabby. I have to mention Brauerei Schönram, for the flavorful, moreish lagers that were like my daily bread when living in Germany. Then to Belgium for 3 Fonteinen, the Pajottenland lambic brewery and blendery that […]

Critic’s List: Alex Kidd’s Best in 2019

Top Three Breweries The Eighth State (Greenville, South Carolina) This plucky South Carolina upstart has taken the secondary-sale world by storm, largely due to its indulgent stouts and strong ales. With 50 bottle releases and peanut-butter stouts, it feels like a page straight from the Floridian playbook, albeit executed flawlessly. Their catalog is diverse, and […]

Breakout Brewer: Bow & Arrow

It was a different time in New Mexico’s beer history when Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. opened three years ago. Cofounder Shyla Sheppard was ready to shake things up. She, too, was at a crossroads professionally. Having worked in finance, she was completing a 10-year stint as a social impact investor and was trying to […]

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