Other Half Brewing: All Together Beer Worldwide Collaboration

The team at Other Half Brewing Co is proud to announce All Together, a worldwide beer collaboration created to raise funds & awareness for the industry we love so much. Regardless of location or circumstances, when one member of the hospitality industry struggles, the rest of the group (including brewers, servers, bartenders, bussers, dishwashers, GMs, buyers, chefs & owners) […]

Go Green: Brewing with Unkilned Malt

Malt flavors in beer are traditionally described as toasty, roasty, sweet, nutty, caramel, coffee, or chocolate. These flavors come from the kilning and roasting of the grain. But what happens if you brew a beer with malt that hasn’t been kilned or roasted? Green-barley malt has a flavor profile that centers on cucumber, melon, and […]

Stone Brewing TM Infringement Claims Proceed to Trial Against Keystone

(Escondido, CA) – Stone has taken a big step closer to recovery in its long-running trademark infringement lawsuit against big beer brand Keystone, which was originally filed in February 2018. On March 30, 2020, the federal court overseeing the case rejected defendant MillerCoors/Keystone’s motion for summary judgment. The Court also granted partial judgment in Stone’s favor, dismissing Keystone’s “laches” defense that Stone somehow delayed too long in […]

Reviewed: The Rare Barrel In Good Time

Official description: Fermented with a blend of yeast and bacteria, In Good Time is a golden sour beer aged in chardonnay wine barrels for nearly 2 years. Only in good time did this beer begin to showcase barrel character with aromas of toasted oak and notes of maple and vanilla bean that complimented an expressive […]

Recipe: All Together IPA

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard, as bars, restaurants, and breweries have had to adapt to a situation where most people are staying home. Many have had to lay off workers while jobless numbers hit record highs. Looking for a way to help, the brewers at Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, New […]

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