Malt Conditioning: Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

Many things in brewing are a trade-off. For example, you can collect more wort from your grain bed to get more sugars, but then you have to boil longer to evaporate the excess water. Another familiar trade-off is seen in milling. Generally, the finer the grist, the smaller the pieces of endosperm. Smaller endosperm pieces […]

Firestone Walker (Pear) Drops Latest Luponic Distortion IPA

(Paso Robles, CA) –  The next release in Firestone Walker’s Luponic Distortion IPA series harnesses six hops from three continents to deliver explosive fruit flavors of peach, pear drop and dragonfruit. “We combined some our favorite new hops from New Zealand, Germany and the Pacific Northwest to create this really unique flavor profile,” said Brewmaster […]

Trubble Brewing Faces Trouble Head On

May 28, 2020 Don’t let Trubble Brewing’s name fool you. This family friendly brewery has meant business since it opened in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 2015. Until, that is, trouble actually came knocking in the form of COVID-19. And like every brewery in the country, Trubble had to pivot overnight. Call it a labor of […]

Recipe: Peach in the Sun Brett Pale Ale

Don’t expect barnyard flavors here: When *Brett* is the sole fermenting agent, the result should be relatively clean. All Access Subscribers can download the Beersmith and BeerXML version of this recipe. Subscribe today. The beer you get from this recipe will seem like a lighter, brighter pale ale with a flavor that is probably pretty […]

Editors’ Pick: Historical Brewing Techniques

Here is our review of the new book by Lars Marius Garshol, whose research on traditional kveik, raw beer, and other traditional techniques has shifted the paradigm on farmhouse brewing. Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse BrewingBy Lars Marius GarsholBrewers Publications Not-so-bold prediction: This book will be a game-changer. Kveik is no secret […]

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