Von Ebert Brewing Announces Release of Shaku Yamame

(PORTLAND, OR) –  Von Ebert Brewing, the award-winning and locally owned Portland-based brewing company, will release Shaku Yamame, the latest beer from its Heritage Beer program. Shaku Yamame is a blended beer consisting of a foeder-fermented, mixed culture beer and a puncheon-aged, mixed culture farmhouse ale. Kumquats and green tea were then added to the […]

Silver State Stainless: Practice and Appreciation

Like great brewers, we have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of our craft. Our success is not possible without yours. Craft beer starts with premium ingredients: clean and balanced water, flavorful malt, and fresh hops chosen from among 80-plus varieties. After that, a brewmaster can further tailor the product via yeast strains, additives, process […]

Beer-infused Pizza Dough is a Perfect Brewpub Pairing

At Short’s Brewing Company, the perfect pizza recipe was crafted over more than one year to land on the ideal combination of ingredients. July 8, 2020 Pizza maker Curtis Corbin from Short’s Brewing Company tosses a dough in the kitchen. Pizza and beer — they are perfect together. While no one would deny the inherently […]

Recipe: Bell’s Light Hearted Ale

Subscriber Exclusive Packing IPA flavor into a svelte, highly sessionable, lower-calorie frame is no easy trick. To inspire your home attempts, here is the small-scale recipe for Bell’s Brewery’s highest-profile release in years. Courtesy of Bell’s Brewery in Michigan, here is a homebrew-scale recipe for Bell’s Light Hearted Ale—a lighter, session-strength beer from the same […]

Belgium’s Funky New Wave

In Belgium, for the most part, that thing called “saison” has not followed the same wild path taken by American craft brewers, who have driven it down some increasingly acidic and horsey roads. After the style almost went extinct about 30 years ago, more Belgian breweries than ever are producing saisons—but usually they are nearer […]

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