Reviewed: Russian River Mind Circus Hazy IPA

Official description: Mind Circus IPA has a mild bitterness and a thick, luscious mouthfeel. This style of IPA is what is being called in the beer world a “Hazy IPA” – dominantly herbaceous and grassy, with moderate tropical notes as well as some bright citrus. This unique hazy IPA gains its flavor of grapes and […]

Recipe: Aprikose Apricot Pale

Want to brew a fruit beer greater than the sum of its parts? To show how one might match a fruit to a particular style, here is Josh Weikert’s recipe for an apricot-flavored American pale ale. There are plenty of ways to skin a cat (or an apricot, in this case), but the advantage of […]

Style + Fruit: Let’s Play Matchmaker

“Can I put figs into this helles?” That’s a real question I got from a homebrewer. My answer was the same as always when brewers ask me what’s possible: “Sure. Why would you want to?” My answering a question with a question isn’t meant as smart-assery—it’s meant to be taken seriously. Brewers tend to do […]

Learning Lab: O2? Oh My!

Last issue, we tortured our yeast for science. We flipped our best practices to the dark side and learned the effects of low pitching rates, oxygen starvation, and crazy temperatures. This time, we’re going to follow a similar path, but our goal is to better understand a very common flaw in homebrewing: oxidation. Over the […]

​Modus Operandi Press Rewind West Coast IPA

⠀Beer description: Let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, back to our Modus roots. When our hair was longer, the music was louder and IPA’s weren’t for the faint hearted.⠀⠀A resinous, piney IPA, like the ones we loved back in the day. The caramel malt backbone stands up to the hop punch we threw […]

​The Bruery Hold the Spoon Black Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout

⠀Beer description: Next out of the creamery: Black Chocolate Cake. Inspired by the palate-pleasing flavors of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’ Blackout Chocolate Cake ice cream, this Imperial Milk Stout is mouth-filling and complex, with notes of rich cocoa, chocolate cake, bittersweet fudge, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Hold the spoon, we’ll take ours in a can.⠀⠀

​Black Hops Moondancer Hazy IPA

⠀Beer description: Well, it’s a marvellous night for a moondance, an IPA with the sophisticated melody of Samba, Sabro and Strata hops. Harmonious aromas of juicy tropical fruits, coconut, candy and orange tangerine whisper and shine like smooth jazz soul.⠀⠀The velvet malt body calls out with the rhythm & blues that only un-malted barley, wheat […]

​North X Brew York West Coast Red Ale

⠀Beer description: Bringing us out of winter and towards spring we have our collaborative brew with York based giants Brew York. Together we cooked up a warming West Coast Red Ale using a range of speciality malts to create a glowing hue with a smooth, chewy and incredibly quaffable body. This beer had almost all […]

North Tunnels Of LA West Coast IPA

⠀Beer description: We enjoyed the fruits of our labour when brewing Come in Number 51 and our West Coast DIPA with Beerbliotek so much, we’ve gone in for another West Coast IPA, Tunnels of LA! Featuring a simple malt grist of extra pale malt then dry hopped with Amarillo + Simcoe. Tunnels of LA has […]

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