​Wayward Coffee and Donuts Stout

⠀Beer description: Coffee and donuts are inseparable as Yin is to Yang. In partnership with Grumpy Donuts and Toby’s Estate roasters, this is a Milk Stout, with actual donuts used in the process. All complemented with a special blend of gently roasted beans.⠀⠀Originally brewed for GABS 2019.⠀⠀Available online & in store:⠀⠀Photo by: @thelupulinshift⠀

​Hop Nation Peanut Butter Pastry Stout

⠀Beer description: Treat yourself!⠀⠀Our three-part pastry stout series brings out the fun side of stout. With dark chocolate and toasty flavours from your favourite desserts, we’re adding some richness to your glass.⠀⠀Part three is Peanut Butter. This beer starts roasty and dark, and ends like a chocolate and peanut butter cookie, melting, fresh from the […]

Podcast Episode 142: Drekker’s Mark Bjornstad on Balancing Tart, Thick, Envelope-Pushing Fruit-Smoothie Ales

Drekker Brewing in Fargo, North Dakota, has grabbed the attention of enthusiasts across the country with funky, smoothie-thick, highly fruited beers such as their Chonk and Braaaaaaaains series. Here, Mark Bjornstad, the brewery’s president and cofounder—not to mention, part-time nurse anesthetist—talks about building maximum character and body into those beers while maintaining balance via acidity, […]

Reviewed: Humble Forager Coastal Sunshine

Official description: Coastal Sunshine is brewed with barley, spelt, red and white wheat before souring with Forager Brewery’s lactobacillus blend. Fermented atop mouth watering passion fruit, drippy mango, ripe guava and juicy pineapple. This sour ale will transport you to a tropical paradise, no matter the season. Humble Forager Brewery – Humble Forager Coastal Sunshine […]

The Secret Origin of Grapefruit Supreme

Minneapolis-based Surly Brewing explains the thirsty back story of their new citrus-packed summertime crusher. Surly wanted to brew a fruit-forward, lower-ABV beer last year—one you could drink when spring turned to summer, and as an ideal complement to the warmer weather. Many of their brewers are fans of German radlers, the oldest of old-school, refreshing, […]

Cooking with Beer: Farmhouse Flavors

Turkish Meatballs with Bière de Garde Serves: 4–6 1⅔ lb (756 g) ground lamb (may substitute ground beef or pork)1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped1 tsp chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley1 tsp chopped fresh garlic¾ tsp ground allspice¾ tsp ground cinnamon1 large egg3 Tbs vegetable oil8 oz (237 ml) bière de garde6 oz (170 g) shallots, […]

Craft Brewers Band Together for Clean Water

Good beer relies on clean water. This fact led to the creation of Brewers for Clean Water in 2013. Since then, the initiative has been gaining ground. June 30, 2020 A fact all craft beer drinkers know: Good beer relies on good water. Water is undeniably the most critical ingredient in beer, making up 90 […]

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